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What Are Some Signs That Your Home Needs Stucco Remediation?

Stucco is a stunning siding choice. It gives a home a modern, uniform appearance. However, one small downfall of stucco is that it tends to break down faster than other types of siding. This is not a huge deal if you know the signs of stucco deterioration and are proactive about hiring a stucco restoration team when you notice them. Take a look at those signs below.

Cracks that look like alligator skin

When stucco starts to break down, you will often see little webs and networks of cracks that look like alligator skin. You may notice these first around windows and doors. If you don't address them at that point, you may notice them spreading outwards a few months later. The stucco that has begun to crack like this will eventually crumble off of the home. So, you should have a remediation contractor come and remove the cracking stucco and replace it with new material.

Discoloration and mold

As stucco ages, it tends to become more porous. Water will remain in the pores, and then it won't be long before you get mold and algae growing in those pores. This may appear as discoloration; you may notice gray or black patches. It's hard to treat mold that's already in stucco, and doing so will not address the underlying issue, which is the stucco becoming too porous. As such, a remediation contractor will generally want to remove and replace the part of the stucco that is discoloring.

Separation at seams

While you are inspecting your stucco, definitely spend time focusing on the seams. Look along the junction between your home's vertical walls and any ledges, such as window sills. Also focus on the areas where trim ties into the main, flat surfaces. As stucco ages and starts to break down, you will often begin to see separation at these seams. The separation may look like a deep crack, or it may look like numerous little cracks in the seams. These separations could easily cause water to leak behind the rest of the stucco, causing damage to your whole home. So, always call a remediation team promptly if you notice such separations.

Stucco is an excellent exterior material, but it does not last forever. If you notice any of the issues above, contact a stucco repair company in your area. They can look over your home, give you a quote, and then make some improvements.

Contact a local company to learn more, like Plaster Pro Stucco Contractors LLC.