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Maintenance Tips For Your Flat Roof

Homeowners with flat roofing need to consider the key maintenance steps for the longest possible lifespan. When you understand the maintenance fundamentals for your flat roof, you are better equipped to protect your investment. Here are some of the things that you need to consider and tips to help you maintain your home's roof. 

Watch for Pooling Water

After rain storms and other severe weather, check the surface of your roof for any pooling water. If you're in a dry stretch, spray your roof with a hose so that water accumulates if there are any areas that need attention. When you see pooling water, reach out to a roofing contractor for repair. They can address the roofing material settlement to eliminate the low spots. 

Check the Flashing

Your roof's flashing should be level and secure at all times. As you inspect the condition of the roof, be attentive to the flashing. Any flashing that is dented, corroded, bent, or loose needs to be replaced. Make sure that the screws are secure and the flashing is adequately sealed to protect against any kind of water penetration.

Monitor the Seams

Another important part of flat roofing maintenance is monitoring the roofing seams. Look over them regularly to be sure that everything is secure and properly sealed. Remember that seams on a flat roof can create a gap where moisture can seep past. That leak can cause water damage and necessitate costly repairs.

Clear Moss Growth

Any time moss grows on the surface of your roof, you'll need to schedule a maintenance technician to clean it and treat the roof with an inhibitor. This is important because the presence of moss on your roof can lead to deterioration of the roofing material. 

Schedule Routine Inspections

Talk with a roofing contractor about scheduling routine roofing inspections. With flat roofing, many of the potential flaws and signs of damage are harder to see without a professional inspection. Keep up with professional assessments at regular intervals to identify signs of wear or early indications of damage so that you can repair them right away.

These are just some of the key considerations for maintaining your flat roof. Talk with a local roofing contractor today about your concerns so that you can address them before they become serious problems. Routine inspections and timely maintenance tasks will help you not only protect your investment but also reduce ongoing repair costs. 

Contact a local roofing company, such as C & I Roofing Co Inc, to learn more.