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Wood-Burning Fireplaces — Maintenance Tips To Remember

Wood-burning fireplaces are popular for many homeowners because they can be used during power outages and look nice. If you have one and want to keep it in good condition for a long time, here are some maintenance tips to acknowledge. 

Check on the Chimney Cap Periodically

Chimney caps are an important part of wood-burning fireplaces. They keep elements and pests out of the chimney. In order for this cap to perform its role effectively, it needs to be structurally sound. You thus want to check on this part of your fireplace periodically.

Just make sure you find a way on top of your roof in a safe manner. Then you can perform a brief visual inspection, looking for things like rust and damaged portions. If you notice any red flags, hire a roofing contractor to fix the issue before your chimney and fireplace are negatively impacted.

Use Dry Wood

When you go to use the fireplace, it's important to be selective with the wood you use inside it. Ideally, it needs to be dry. There are a couple reasons for this. For one, dry wood is going to burn much easier and faster.

Secondly, dry wood that's burnt won't be prone to creating creosote inside the fireplace. You don't want this substance to develop because it can lead to poor air quality and even cause a fire hazard if you let it build up too much. Lastly, burning dry wood will make your fireplace much easier to clean.

Have Mortar Fixed by a Professional

Your fireplace will have mortar and so will the chimney it's connected to. If you notice mortar damage at any point, you'll want to hire a professional contractor to fix it. Then you can maintain the aesthetics and function of your fireplace.

A contractor can fix all sorts of issues with fireplace mortar. For instance, they can remove loose mortar and put more mortar in its place. They can also smoothen out rough edges and thus improve the visual appeal of your fireplace. You just need to let this professional work until your fireplace is fully restored.

If you have a wood-burning fireplace in your home and want to get as much use from it as possible over the years, make sure you have a good maintenance program in place. Then you can execute useful steps at the right times, keeping major fireplace damage at bay for many years. 

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