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Signs Of Foundation Issues Around Your House

The foundation is the load-bearing portion of your house, typically built below ground. While the foundation's primary job is to keep the house level, it also does more. It helps to keep moisture out of the house and offers additional insulation against freezing temperatures. Since it's the literal foundation of your house, it needs to stay in good shape to protect the integrity of the structure. If you notice signs of damage, you should have someone check it for repair issues. This article will cover the signs of likely damage so you know what to watch for. 

There Are Water Drainage Issues

One of the common causes of foundation damage is water damage. Therefore, if you determine you're having drainage issues, there's likely damage to the foundation. When water collects along the foundation, it causes soil expansion. That soil puts added pressure on the foundation. Over time, this can cause cracks in the surrounding foundation. If you notice water issues around your house, you'll want the foundation inspected and repaired. 

There Are More Insects in the House

It's normal to find the occasional insect in your home. However, it's not normal to find insects in your home regularly. If you're seeing more of them than you're used to, then this indicates foundation damage. Since the foundation cracks will be at ground level, where most insects dwell, it's easy for them to find their way through the cracks and into your house. Some common insects to see when there are foundation problems include pill bugs, earwigs, roaches, and centipedes. You should have someone come to see if repairs are needed if you have more insects in your home. 

The Floors Are Uneven

When the foundation is damaged, it can cause the floor to become uneven. There can be a slant to the floor or areas where it looks and feels like there's a dent in the flooring. Sometimes, the slants are so minor you may wonder if it's your imagination. However, if you notice things rolling across the floor, this can mean there's a slant. Shifts in the soil can cause the foundation to sink. If you feel your floors are uneven, then you should have the foundation checked and repaired as necessary. 

The Doors and Windows Fit Differently

Your doors and windows should open and close easily and with no noticeable gaps. When there's damage to the foundation, the movement in it can cause the frames to shift. The result can be windows or doors that are hard to open or close. They can also have gaps around them. Noticing differences in the way windows and doors function means the foundation likely needs to be repaired.

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