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Four Questions To Consider Before Hiring A Demolition Services Company For Your Project

If you are a real estate developer, and you are in possession of land containing an unwanted building, you will need the services of a demolition company. There are many things to consider when choosing such a company, so before you hire one hastily, the following are a few important questions you should ask. 

Do they have experience with your building size? 

There are many sizes of buildings, and you want to make sure that the demolition company has experience with buildings equal or larger than yours. If a company is taking on a job that is bigger than anything they have done in the past, you may want to find a more experienced demolition company.

Does demolition service include removing debris?

Just because a company demolishes a building, does not necessarily mean they will load up the debris and haul it away. Many companies will do this, but you should not assume that this is true for any particular company bidding on the job. It may be that a company will do this work, but it is a separate quote, so you will need an estimate for that as well.

Do they have the right license and insurance?

The company should furnish proof of the appropriate licensing and insurance, but with the latter, you should take precautionary measures. Not all policies are equal, so you should ask questions about what the policy covers, and whether it is sufficient for your building's demolition. If the company is underinsured, as the property owner, you may find yourself liable. You may want to take the extra step of consulting a property attorney to understand potential liabilities for your real estate development company.

Do they have a plan?

This should be a part of the quote, but it needs to be detailed in order for the quote to be accurate. Certain roads may need to be shut down while the demolition takes place. In addition to any standard permits, other permits related to your specific demolition may be needed. Other aspects of the plan should include a timeline. How much time is required to set up the proper equipment and the time required to complete the demolition? The information will not only help your business plans, but it will also give you a feel for how comfortable they are with your demolition job.

If you are a property developer, and you have a building that requires demolishing, there are a few questions to ask. You should make sure the company has experience with the size building to be demolished. You should make sure you understand who is responsible for debris after the building is demolished. The company should also have the licensing and insurance that is appropriate for the job, and the demolition company should have a well thorough plan for how they will do the job.

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