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Essential Elements Of The Roofing Replacement Process From Start To Finish

Every roof needs maintenance at some point, but there are times when simple repairs are not sufficient enough to keep an existing roof in place. In those cases, a roofing replacement is necessary. The process to replace a roof is a major undertaking, so it's important to understand what exactly goes into putting a new roof onto a home. Below you will find information about the basic elements of a roof replacement from beginning to end.

1) Some prep work is needed before your roofing replacement can begin. 

Poor planning and preparation prior to a construction project can adversely affect the quality of the finished product and the safety of the contractors. Before your roofing replacement, you should inspect the perimeter of your home to pick up any items outside that could get in the way or become damaged during your roofing replacement. In addition, the roofers need space to set up a dumpster or receptacle for debris and to pull their trucks up close to the front of your house, so move all of your vehicles out of the driveway. You should also identify an electrical source within your home that the roofers can use if they need to run their power tools.

2) A roofing replacement involves numerous steps that can take several hours to fully complete.

Getting a new roof is a process that will last for many hours and might even take a few days to complete if your home is quite large. The roofers will start by spreading out tarps around the exterior of your home to catch falling debris. Then, the old shingles on your roof will be removed and discarded, and the contractors will check for soft spots and damaged plywood in order to make repairs before moving on to the next step. Finally, new shingles will be placed in carefully aligned layers to create a strong and sturdy roof. Be ready for a full day of loud work as the roofing contractors use hammers, nail guns, and air compressors to properly replace your roof.

3) Your contractor will clean up all of the mess once the roofing replacement process is finished.

After the roofing replacement is finalized, the contractors will handle the clean-up for you. The roofers will take extra care to dispose of all debris from old shingles, loose nails, and other mess created by the process. To accomplish this, the roofing contractors will gather up their tarps and throw scraps and trash into the dumpster. A special magnet will be rolled over the lawn and around your home to efficiently pick up metal pieces that can become hidden in the grass. The roofers may also utilize a leaf blower to make sure that every last bit of litter has been cleared away from your property, and the dumpster will be removed so you don't have to worry about cleaning anything by yourself. 

A roofing replacement is a great way to spruce up your home and ensure that your house is well-protected during even the most extreme weather. Call a roofing contractor to get more details about a roof replacement.