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2 Ways To Tell If Your Commercial Building's Foundation Needs The Attention Of A Repair Specialist

When you own a commercial building, maintaining the integrity of its structure is essential. Ensuring that the foundation of the building is solid and in good shape is an essential part of its integrity. 

Even if you walk around the building and see no cracks in the foundation, this does not necessarily mean that there is no damage. There are a couple of things that you can do inside the building to see if the foundation is in disrepair and requires the attention of a repair specialist.

1. Place a Rounded Object on the Floor to See If It Rolls Across the Surface

One way to tell if your commercial building's foundation needs repairs is by performing a test to check the evenness of the floors. You can do this by placing a pencil, ball, or another rounded object at various points on the floor of each room.

If the object starts to roll across the floor without being pushed by you or the wind, the floor is likely due to an issue with the foundation. When the foundation is uneven, the framework beneath the floor will shift, causing it to slope. Because there is unseen damage, you need to have a repair contractor take a look at the foundation and the floor's supporting structures.

2. Look Down the Walls to See If the Centers Are Bowing Out Toward the Room's Center

Especially if you find that the floor is sloping, the next thing you should do is to see whether the walls are still straight and even. You can do this by standing in one corner with one side of your face pressed against the surface while looking down the length of the wall.

If you find that the center of a wall is pushing out toward the room's center, this indicates that the problems with the foundation have created a major shift in the frame of the building. If not repaired, the bowing of the walls will get worse.

When the foundation of your commercial building is damaged and uneven, it can affect the integrity of the entire structure. If the floor has started to slope and the walls are bowing in, there is most likely already structural damage caused by problems with the foundation. Before this damage gets any worse, contact a commercial foundation repair specialist to have them fully inspect the foundation and assess what needs to be done to fix the issues with your business's building.

Contact commercial foundation repair specialists to learn more.