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Designing A Home Fitness Room? The Key Elements On All Four Sides

Do you enjoy working out? Whether it's cardio, walking, weights, or participating in a sport, being able to pursue your personal exercise hobbies at home is a goal for many homeowners. But rather than simply putting down a few machines in an unused room, take the time to design a good fitness room for yourself. No matter where you plan to place it, here are a few key things you should have above, below, and beside you as you work out. 

The Elements Above You

Even the smallest home gym or fitness room should have a good lighting plan. Natural lighting is best, so consider installing things like skylights to augment the light coming from other sources.

Artificial lighting should be bright for safety and to make the room feel more welcome. But don't choose harsh industrial lighting. Instead, create a layered plan that allows you to customize the lighting depending on your mood or type of exercise. For instance, yoga enthusiasts may want to dim lights and create a more relaxing environment at times. 

The Elements Below You

What's going on under your feet as you exercise? The right flooring provides a solid surface and good traction for safe movement but also some impact absorption. Even home gym owners sometimes opt for professional flooring rather than standard residential options.

Depending on where you set up the gym in your home, you may also want to install additional soundproofing on the floor to reduce noise pollution. And your preferred activities will inform you which type of flooring is best and whether you might even consider more than one flooring material in different locations. 

The Elements Beside You

The walls serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose for home gyms. On a practical level, you often need to add more soundproofing to the walls so as not to bother or be bothered by the rest of the household. Large windows also help bring in healthy, natural sunlight.

Aesthetically, though, the walls need to give your room visual interest. No one likes to work out while staring at a plain white wall. Windows are some of the best choices for home gyms, especially if you can connect the interior workout space with exterior spaces. In the absence of large windows, decorate your space with things that help motivate and energize you. Look for energetic colors, fun features that speak to you, and an artistic flair. 

Where to Start

Get help putting together the right elements in all these important parts of your new fitness room by meeting with a contractor who specializes in their design. No matter what your goals, space, or budget, paying attention to these key details will result in a great space you'll enjoy for many years. 

For more help, contact a fitness room designer near you, such as ROOMBLDR.