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Benefits Of Metal Roofing Compared To Asphalt

While one of the most popular roofing materials in commercial buildings, metal roofs aren't quite as popular for residential buildings quite yet. About 4 out of 5 homes you encounter will have asphalt shingle roofing thanks to its inexpensive cost and simple installation. However, homeowners may simply not be aware of the benefits the majority of commercial property owners enjoy. Here are 4 benefits of metal roofing compared to asphalt shingles. 

Life Expectancy

Most asphalt shingle roofs last as much as 20 years. However, metal roofs last between 40-70 years thanks to the strong metal material. Some homeowners make the mistake of thinking they don't need the extra longevity if they won't live in the house longer than 20 years, but the investment adds value to the home when it's time to sell as the new owners won't need to buy a new roof. 

Energy Efficiency 

Metal roofs create a tight seal, meaning air won't get into your home from the roof. Indoor air won't escape through the roof, either. A tight seal means that you won't need to run your HVAC system as much, saving you money. To add to the efficiency, metal roofs reflect UV rays, keeping your home cooler in the summer.

Resistance to the Elements

Fire and water create serious damage when it enters your home. Luckily, metal is fire-resistant and water-resistant. Asphalt shingles can catch fire and spread fire throughout your home. Asphalt shingles can also get so saturated after heavy rainfall that they leak into your home in their older years. You will never have this experience with metal roofs. For this reason, many insurance companies even offer a discount if you switch to metal.


Metal roofs are up to 100% recyclable and generally made from 95% recycled material. Why add to already-crowded landfills? Metal will eliminate construction material waste in landfills and make your home appear more "green" to potential buyers. Recycled material tends to cost less, too. 


Before you make the change, it's important to know some of the downsides to metal roofing. Metal roofs get noisy. Furthermore, you can't replace a single shingle, as repairs require the replacement of larger areas. While it depends on the material you choose, metal roofing can also be more expensive (but not after you consider the longevity and insurance savings). 

Learn more about metal roofing to see if it fits your needs for a new roof!