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3 Reasons To Install Impact Windows In Your Home

When it comes to your home, you want to have the right windows installed in your home. The right windows depend on where you live. If you live somewhere with strong wind storms or where hurricanes are a possibility, you are going to want to install impact-resistant windows on your home. These are windows that are specially designed to withstand being hit by a strong force, which is what happens when a wind storm or hurricane carries debris through the air and it makes contact with your home.

Reason #1: Energy Efficiency

You want your home to be as energy efficient as possible in order to keep your electricity and gas bills as low as possible. If you feel like you are paying way too much for your heating and cooling needs, it is probably because your home isn't energy efficient enough. One way to improve the energy efficiency of your home is by changing out the windows. Impact windows are highly insulated, with a tight frame, which means no heat transfer through the windows and no drafts around the windows, both of which will improve the energy efficiency of your home. You want to install windows with an Energy-Star rating, which impact windows have. 

Reason #2: Better Security

Next up, with impact windows, you will enjoy a more secure home from a multitude of perspectives. 

First, when a storm hits, your home is going to be more secure. You will not have to put up storm windows or board up your windows. Your impact windows will be able to withstand anything that a strong storm can send its way. 

Second, impact windows are designed to respond to impact differently than other windows. If someone tried to break into your home by banging on the window with a crowbar, they wouldn't get very far. The window is designed with multiple layers of glass with synthetic material in between, so the glass will not shatter into large shards like a traditional window. Even if the glass shatters, it will be held in place by the synthetic layers, keeping you safe, and keeping unwanted intruders out of your home. 

Reason #3: Quieter Environment

No one really wants to hear a bunch of noise from passing vehicles. No one really wants to hear everything that their neighbors are doing outside. With the wrong windows though, you can hear all of that as the sound easily travels through the windows.

Impact windows are strong and thick. The same properties that help them protect you against storms and make your home more energy efficient, also help make your home quieter as well. All of those layers of glass and synthetic material, combined with a strong frame, help to keep the noise out.

If you want windows that will protect your home against storms and intruders, improve the energy efficiency of your space, and offer a quieter environment, you are going to want to replace your old windows with new impact-resistant windows. Look into impact window replacement for more information.