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The Benefits Of Insulating Crawl Spaces

It is strongly recommended that you insulate a crawl space that is not insulated or you reinsulate it if the insulation is past its life expectancy. Unfortunately, many people do not insulate the space or reinsulate it because they do not understand the benefits. Here are the most common benefits associated with insulating a crawl space. 

Insulation Helps Reduce Energy Loss

One of the biggest benefits associated with insulating a crawl space is that insulation helps to reduce energy loss. When you heat up a room in your home, the heat can fill a cold crawl space, instead of filling up the space in your room. In turn, your heater has to run longer to heat up the space. Insulation helps to fill up the crawl space and naturally keep it warmer, reducing your energy costs. 

Insulation Helps To Reduce Moisture and Mold Issues

Another benefit associated with insulating crawl spaces is that insulation helps to reduce moisture and mold. A space that is not insulated is more likely to have condensation build up as cold air from the crawl space meets warm air seeping into the crawl space. This can shorten the lifespan of items such as trusses and support beams. Mold can also make people sick. Insulating the space helps to prevent both of these issues. 

Insulation Helps To Prevent Frozen Pipes

Crawl spaces are not always empty spaces. Many crawl spaces house structural components of a home, including ductwork or pipes. If there are pipes kept in your crawlspace, insulating the space can help to keep your pipes warmer. This can help to reduce the likelihood that your pipes will freeze during the winter months. 

Insulation Helps To Minimize Sounds In a Home

The final benefit associated with insulating a crawl space is that insulation helps to minimize sounds in a home. Crawl spaces are typically located below your flooring. As you walk across that floor, your footsteps may echo. People in other parts of the house may be able to hear these sounds. Insulation helps to drown out the sounds of people talking or walking across floors in your home. 

Insulating crawl spaces can help to reduce energy loss, reduce the odds of moisture or mold damaging building materials in your crawl space, prevent frozen pipes and help to control noise in a home. Reach out to a crawl space insulation service today to learn more about starting the process.