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4 Reasons To Consider Investing In Frameless Cabinets For Your Home

Are you getting ready to have your home's kitchen cabinets replaced? Consider choosing a frameless option this time. Here are just a few good reasons to consider having your kitchen outfitted with frameless cabinets:

Enjoy Extra Storage Space

One of the best things about frameless cabinets is that they offer more storage space than traditional framed cabinets do. This is because there is no interior frame to take up corner space. You can use all the interior space in a frameless cabinet, which can add up quickly. Also, frameless cabinets tend to be taller inside, which gives you the opportunity to store larger items instead of having to keep them on the counter. Because of the extra available space, you may be able to install fewer cabinets that you have now, which can save you some money on your new cabinetry when all is said and done.

Create a More Modern Look

Due to a lack of face frames, frameless cabinet door are inset and do not protrude from the cabinet base at all. They feature a clean, sleek look that can make almost any kitchen seem more modern without having to invest in expensive refurbishing projects. Frameless cabinets are seamless when they are installed side-by-side. The doors do not create uneven edges, so the cabinets look more like the wall.

Rely on Lots of Design Options

Like traditional framed cabinets, there are lots of design options to choose from when you are investing in frameless cabinets. However, frameless cabinets can be more easily customized than framed ones. They are free of curves, ridges, and other designs that are typical of framed cabinets, so they are like a blank slate. You can have custom designs engraved on the cabinet doors, frame the doors with gold leafing, have textures added to the exterior of the cabinets, or have them painted any color you like.

Make Cleaning the Kitchen Easier

Without frames to worry about, there will be fewer crevices and uneven surfaces to worry about when it comes time to clean your frameless cabinets. They are easy to wipe down with cloths, and they do not require the use of special cleaning tools to get the corner crevices clean. The time you save cleaning your cabinets can be better used doing something you actually enjoy around the house.

Contact a company like Custom Cabinetry Direct today to learn more about the available options.