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Home Getting Older? Watch Out for Foundation Problems

If your home is getting older there are many repairs that you may need to make. These repairs are important because if not done they will become much worse. One thing you need to watch out for is problems with your foundation. Below is more information about this so you can get it taken care of if you find something wrong.

Types of Foundation Problems

There are many problems you may find with your foundation including:


Some foundation cracks are normal, and you will find them on most foundations. Some cracks are not normal and a sign that you need to have the foundation repaired. Along with the foundation you may also see cracks on walls, floors, or a brick chimney. If the cracks are not taken care of your foundation can shift causing the cracks to become much worse. In most cases, cracks are caused by soil expanding and contracting due to getting a lot of snow and/or rain. 

Horizontal cracks are a sign of trouble. If you see these cracks there may be a large amount of water pressure causing problems with your foundation. No matter what is causing it you need to have the cracks inspected by a foundation repair company quickly, or your foundation will start to shift causing more cracks to appear both on the foundation and inside your home. 

Sinking Foundation

Another problem you can have with a foundation is sinking. If this happens, one side of your home will be lower when compared to the other side. In a case like this, a company must lift the foundation and then install piers to hold the foundation in place. Piers are steel posts that are placed in the ground around the perimeter of your home. The piers are then secured to the foundation along with a bracket. This process will prevent your foundation from sinking any further. 

It is important that you have this done because the foundation will continue to settle causing massive damage to your home. You will see things like cracks in the interior of your home, such as on the walls and ceiling, as well as even more cracks on the exterior foundation and walls. 

Take time to inspect your foundation periodically for any changes. A residential foundation repair contractor can tell you of other problems you may have so you will be sure to contact them quickly enough to have the repairs done.