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Sink Drains Getting Clogged All The Time? Causes And How To Deal With This

If your sinks are getting clogged all the time, this can become a big problem. To take care of this, you first have to determine what is causing the clogs so you will know how to stop the clogs from happening. Keep reading so you won't have to worry about your sinks getting clogged up.


If the clogged drain is in your kitchen, you may be putting things down the drain that you shouldn't. For example, if you drain grease from meat that you fry and the grease gets inside the drain, it builds up over time. Once it builds up, the sink will start clogging. This is hard to deal with as the grease can be difficult to remove. Oil can also be a problem if it gets in the drain. There are also other things that will not break down, such as eggshells and non-food items. If you do not get these clogs taken care of, you could get drain flies, which can become a nuisance and another problem, you would have to deal with.

Hair and Soap

If the clog is in your bathroom, this may be due to hair getting in the shower drain from washing your hair. Soap may be building up inside it, especially if the soap mixes in with the hair. To help prevent this, use liquid soap. Bar soap often has fat and grease that you do not want to get down the drain. When you comb your hair over a sink, this hair can get into the drain. There are hair catchers that you can purchase to place over the drain while you are showering that will prevent the hair from getting down the drain. 


If your home has hard water, minerals can build up inside the drain resulting in a clog over time. The big problem with this is mineral clogs can be hard to remove if they are already built up. The main thing you can do to help with this problem is to install a water softener for your home. This will not only take care of the problem, but you will notice your dishes get cleaner, your hair and skin will feel cleaner, and your toilet bowl will not get stained due to the hard water stains. If you do not want to install a water softener, you will have to regularly clean the drains by descaling and removing buildup and sediment.

If you continue to have clogged drains, contact a plumber. They can determine the cause and then take steps to clear the clogs for you. They have cameras they can put down a drain to see what the clog is so they will know how to remove it.